Saturday, May 21, 2011

Custom Scrimshaw and Pyrography Designs by Anthony Perry

Scrimshaw art being produced at Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery by Anthony Perry
Scrimshander and Pyography artist Anthony (Tony) Perry is a self-taught artist with a deep appreciation for maritime history and it’s time honored traditions. A native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, his family history includes fishermen who also served as members of the United States Life Saving Service protecting our coastal Virginia and North Carolina waters for over 200 years.

Pen and ink bone box with scrimshaw artwork of  'CSS VIRGINIA' by Anthony Perry
Tony’s artistry ranges from a variety of media including pen and ink, charcoal, pyrography and scrimshaw. His extremely versatile skills whose love of nature and history are beautifully expressed on natural materials including (legal) elephant ivory and antique whales teeth, bone, mother of pearl and abalone shell. Tony’s attention to detail is evident in his present work and continues to improve as he refines and hone his techniques with every new piece.

 Tony also produces custom works on bone, shell, ivory and wood for customers seeking a more personalized item. From pets to private yachts, Tony can create a unique artists piece for you. To see a collection of Anthonys scrimshaw and pyrography now available for purchase, visit Skipjack's Marine Art Gallery at Tony Perry at Skipjack nautical Wares & Marine Gallery.

Custom pyrography artwork on wood of the Sport fisherman "CITATION"
Scrimshaw of bull elephant on ivory fragment.
Scrimshaw bone knife with port view of 'CSS VIRGINIA' by Tony Perry

Scrimshaw  shell pendant of customers pet by Tony Perry.


  1. Fantastic achievements. It's good to see the old skills are being kept alive. Well done.

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